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Thread: Best Online Drain Cleaning Machines / Parts Websites?

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    Default Rabco

    Quote Originally Posted by Redwood View Post
    I haven't really done much on-line for machines and parts...
    I usually went for instant gratification from Rabco so I can't help...

    They have a lame website that you can have then mail you a catalog from...

    Company I used to work for in 04 used to get cables etc.. From them.
    are they sill in business? Recently looked for a website and couldn't find it.
    only other websites with their address info and other useless details

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    They moved from Bridgeport to Hamden and then disappeared...
    It's too bad they were a great resource...
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    Rabco is still around, just not to the same extent they once were. I saw the owners at the show in Indy and they told me they've moved away from drain cleaning supplies.

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