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Thread: Going back to roto rooter

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    Quote Originally Posted by AssTyme View Post
    Around here the one to my south sucks chit and the one to my north is good and I refer them out when out of my service area or after hours.

    From what i've seen online roto is completely different depending on franchise location. Some good some bad. Definetly lot like mcdonalds where it's the same shit no matter where you go. I wish more people understood that. They seem to have a bad rep in general across the forums.

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    Default BAD Rap

    The reason they have a bad rap is that they have screwed so many over .. All over the country.
    Sure there's some good ones .. But the Whoppers they have pulled off counter any good by miles.

    Around here it's a standing joke if you want to get had. The municipality workers in my area tend to
    subtly tell you to stay away. Even the ex employee's I've met tend to have disdain and lot's of
    morbid stories of their dealings.

    Not to say that some franchises can be good.

    If it wasn't for their aggressive advertising and name recognition they'd be in a pickle.

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