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    Default Self propelled drain cleaning machine


    Self propelled drain cleaning machine.

    Must include but not be limited to these features.

    1 Able to answer phones and take orders for drain cleaning
    at the highest price while convincing customers that we are the
    best company out there.

    2. Travel to customer and convince them to sign contract

    3. Be able to clear drain(s) properly with no mess

    4. Close the deal with payment without succumbing to irrational screaming and
    carrying on by customer and with great charm have them leave favorable comments
    on several consumer web sites and refer said company to all friends and relatives

    5. Able to transfer money's to bank account, do all necessary paperwork

    6. Notify business owner of paid funds while they are fishing, hunting or traveling to exotic places.

    7. Available options include retrieving data on all single or recently divorced attractive women and possible
    good deals on ex's tools, sports cars and sports equipment.
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