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Thread: Cable repairs - loctite od weld?

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    We got 18-20" in that storm, I guess it was worse over in Massachusetts...
    We were down a day...

    Another 5-8" Monday maybe...
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    Yeah.. We got pounded, and this last one that ended last night was more than they anticipated too.
    Got probably another 14" Sun into Mon, I don't mind it too much, just running out of places to put it.

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    Like everyone else here never had a splice fail and have never welded or used lock tight the only way I have seen one come out is when I did it on purpose by over tightening the ends in old cable to recycle them before tossing the cable. When I worked at roto rooter we made our own trap leaders and tandem cutters with male and female ends to blades into the c-1 chucks so I got plenty of experience on putting ends in cable. My current employer refuses to let us splice our cable at all.(he has never cleaned a drain in his life though, he just thinks he's smarter than us and is convinced they will unthread) I think it's a waste of money to toss a cable that can be repaired. Just my 2 cents

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