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Thread: I had a new batch of shirts made have a question

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    Default I had a new batch of shirts made have a question

    I had a new batch of shirts made

    This time some short sleeve for those hot days.

    I picked up the new order, and after I got home I noticed the shirts and not 100% cotton they are a blend of polyester and cotton?
    My thoughts are the polyester will melt and not react well to drain cleaners ?

    Any thoughts ?
    Appleton WI

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    Exactly the opposite!

    Cotton (natural fiber) feels better than polyester (plastic fiber) however, bleach based drain cleaners will bleach the color from cotton leaving white spots even on a black shirt or, acid based drain cleaners will eat holes in cotton...

    I'm old enough to have had bleached denim jeans, and carried and old style lead acid battery that left holes in my t-shirt and jeans from a single exposure to the battery acid. The damage usually doesn't show until you pull them out of the clothes washer...

    The skinny is Polyester shirts & pants are probably the best choice for wearing as part of a drain cleaning uniform or, even plumbing when drain cleaners may be present...
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