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Thread: Software, huge step forward.....

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    Default Software, huge step forward.....

    Back about 5 years ago I started working on a database for my Property Management Business
    Since then I've been using and modifying the database for my Plumbing business.
    I scan all my work orders, and have document management as part of my program.

    What I have been doing was entering the data, and then creating the following records,
    Work Order
    In addition to paying the invoice
    All records are linked so I can follow the path from work order to deposit, forwards and backwards.
    Can handle multiple invoices on a payment or multiple payments on an invoice.
    Can enter and address and pull up all work orders and invoices
    Can enter a client and pull up all work orders and invoices
    Can track Property Managers, and their tenants and properties.

    Major success today, on upgrading the data entry procedures
    have a data entry form where the information is entered
    Now instead of creating each record one at a time I have a one button command to everything with a single click.
    Should cut my data entry time in half.

    Yeepy Skippy

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    What did you use and what did you change too?

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    I am using an MS Access database and a application that I wrote.
    Started out 5 years ago with an accountant that I could not understand what she was doing.
    So I started keeping a copy of the transactions in excel and then moved to a database.

    When I would get frustrated with not understanding what she was doing I would program a bit.
    After a while my program was better at my needs than what was available.
    Now five years later I have a kick ass program.
    lets say 10 hours a week 50 weeks a year, 5 years or roughly 2500 hours of programing.
    It has become a hobby of sorts.

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    That's awesome! It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I just write a check and hope it works.
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