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    Default New to the site

    I'm new to the site thanks for letting me join. I sell Cantol products to assist this industry.

    ORA-SOLV PLUS contains biodegradable solvents and emulsifiers which dissolve grease and control odors. Environmentally compatible ingredients chemically combine to effectively dissolve grease, fat, oil, slime and soap scum in drains, pipes and grease traps. A natural citrus based solvent replaces masking perfumes to give a fresh orange grove aroma while dissolving greasy residues. ORA-SOLV PLUS mixes with water to give a uniform, economical solvent system. Used on a preventative maintenance schedule, ORA-SOLV PLUS helps prevent grease and slime build up in drains and pipes while controlling odours. ORA-SOLV PLUS will not harm metal pipes, generate heat or affect bacterial activity. Being biodegradable and free of typical solvents, acids and caustics found in drain treatments, ORA-SOLV PLUS may be used without fear of contaminating the environment or contributing to hazardous working conditions

    BIO-DRAIN Liquid Bacteria/Enzyme Culture contains a balanced blend of several natural strains of aerobic (bacteria requiring
    oxygen) and anaerobic (bacteria requiring no oxygen to live) high enzyme producing bacteria [which are nonpathogenic (nonharmful) and non-toxic]; plus a powerful deodorant and a biodegradable organic solvent. The ready-to-use 100% active bacteria,
    when introduced into a waste system, revive, feed, reproduce and generate high amounts of enzymes in the form of Amylase,
    Protease and Lipase, that digest organic waste matter. In addition, a powerful, hard-working deodorant is added to overcome and
    control even the toughest waste odours. A biodegradable organic solvent is added to initially help liquefy organic waste. This added
    solvency is especially effective in dissolving soil that clings to the sides of pipes and drains. BIO-DRAIN is used on a regular
    established schedule to replace cultures (bacteria) that are washed away or that die off after completing their function. When used
    according to directions, BIO-DRAIN breaks down protein, grease, fats, sugars, starches and other organic waste: thus reducing
    solids and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) while controlling odours. A “portion aid” is provided for accurate dispensing from litres
    and gallons while a compact automatic feeding and proportioning device is available to dispense BIO-DRAIN from drums. Superior
    enzyme-producing bacteria cultures plus a hard-working deodorant and solvent system equals an effective waste treatment system
    in the form of BIO-DRAIN.

    EZE-FLO attacks clogged drains without producing a back-up foul odour. The fast-acting, ready-to-use, alkaline liquid will remove obstructions due to grease, hair, vegetation, rags, paper and other organic matter. EZE-FLO is heavier than water; therefore, it flows directly to the blockage. Pour 2 to 4 ounces of EZE-FLO into the stoppage and allow to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. EZE-FLO goes directly to the spot, penetrates the stoppage and opens the line to flow freely -while not giving off offensive fumes. Adding a little EZE-FLO to troublesome drains once or twice a week as preventive maintenance. EZE-FLO keeps drains open and free running.The fumeless action of EZEFLO makes it ideal for use in hospitals, schools, and other sensitive environments. EZE-FLO is harmless to pipes, plumbing, vitreous china, porcelain surfaces and will not harm PVC or septic tank action. To help prevent overflows, slow drainage, use EZE-FLO regularly!

    Cantol guarantees its products, when used as directed, to do all it claims. Should the product fail to demonstrate our
    claims, the remaining material may be returned to us and no charge will be made

    Thank you,

    Shawn Dunn


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    Hi Shawn,

    Do you sell any of these products in concentrate bulk where we can dilute and bottle it with our own label for sale to our customers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwood View Post
    Hi Shawn,

    Do you sell any of these products in concentrate bulk where we can dilute and bottle it with our own label for sale to our customers?
    Thank you for contacting me. The products are not sold at a discount to be re-labeled sorry. I had a clog in my drain at home and neither product worked to well. I meant to remove this post, I wouldn't feel comfortable selling a product that I tested at without success.


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