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Thread: General Root Ripper Review

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    Default General Root Ripper Review

    Not that impressed. Used today with my 1-1/4 cable and drill. The owner told me there was a complete stoppage at 10 ft caused by the ficus tree next to it. First went in with the spiral saw with absolutely no progress. Switched to the root ripper. It would make progress but then stall out. I pulled out and discovered the head just completely plugged with roots. Cleaned off and back in and same issue occurs, just completely clogged with roots and becomes ineffective. Switched to a general spear blade after the 3rd time. Water drops and in goes camera. 4' of packed heavy roots.

    The spear blade opened the roots enough and in goes the Root Ranger and it easily cleans it up. All the roots were coming from a clay test tee. So in the end, on a solid plug of roots...not a curtain of roots, the root ripper does work better then the spiral saw but not a must have cutter.
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    About the only time I use mine is to move an object like a toy or rock down the line.....
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    Thats one blade I never could pull the trigger on. Never been impressed with Generals blades.
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