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Thread: One for you septic guys

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    Default One for you septic guys

    Last night I got a call from an acquaintance that lives down the street. Wanted to ask me some septic questions.

    I explain that I am far from an expert, but I'll try and help.

    It seems his mom and dad live out in the boonies and they have not had a working septic for a couple of years.

    He now starts asking questions about how "simple septic systems are put together."

    Long story short, him and his brother are going to dig in a new tank and goodies for mom and dad before winter.

    I explained he might want to rethink that, as it's not as simple as it looks and the County Health Dept has some requirements that have to be met. He mutters something about what the health dept doesn't know won't hurt 'em.

    So what are the odds this will be a screwed up system from the start?

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    More than the saying goes....if it was so easy everybody would be doing it....why does he think that their is certifications and licenses involved with that stuff? I think the health department should get a bee in their bonnet if you know what I mean....
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    We see a lot of proof that do it yourself types don't understand some of the most basic concepts of subsurface sewage disposal. Hard to outguess a sufficiently under educated H/O doing his own work. Our health dept. takes a pretty dim view of non permitted systems and can fine $10000 one time or $1000/day until the system is permitted and brought up to their standards.
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    ^^^ What he said. Not to say it couldn't work, but HO's don't understand how to properly design the systems to protect ground water, etc. He says he wants a simple system, but what if there is high groundwater and he contaminates his parents' well? Then all the savings would be gone time and over again. One more thing, if there is official record of a properly designed and installed system on the property it will increase the value of the property, whereas an hacked in non permitted system might devalue the property, as it is proof of a previous problem that was not properly addressed.

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