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Thread: Bad Drainfield...

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    We recommend every 2-3 years. Most people stretch it ouit longer. But if there are 7 kids and mom does a lot of home cooking/garbage disposal/etc, then earlier is better.

    I always tell folks, "Name 1 thing you can use heavily every single day, and not to any maintenance to for 5 years?" $200-$250 is a cheap insurance policy against the 5k you'll spend digging up the leech field
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trent2 View Post
    We broke out the jetter and started jetting the drainfield lines only to discover that they are Infiltrator.
    That right there is one of the main reasons we just last week put in the first Infiltrators we have installed in a residential drainfield in almost 2 years. But we sure have been raking out a lot of rock lately.

    Does Oregon give a percentage-based size reduction for Infiltrator systems?

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    Not to my knowledge. I have my install license but don't really install so I'm not up on all the rules. I'm pretty certain they require the same amount of footage.

    Is EZ Flow approved in Idaho? I like it. Looks easy to install. I know the guy who developed it.
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