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Thread: Pumper/inspector dudes......

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    Default Pumper/inspector dudes......

    I'm in charge of a task force to develop possible inspection forms for the state of Oregon. I'm looking for different forms that people use for ideas on what to use on ours. We are aware of the NAWT form and would like to make it a little bit less comprehensive than that (so we have a chance at getting it approved by the mamby, pamby DEQ we have).

    Basically the state is being forced into time of transfer inspections in the coastal zone, by the EPA. They've known about this for some time and have done nothing about it so far. Now the deadline is a year away and they are starting to panic. Myself and a couple of other O2WA board members have had meetings with the DEQ and pretty much they want a fancy assed data base with all of this information we collect. They'll have to hire another person to do data entry (meanwhile they can't afford to take care of any inforcement issues). However they don't want to make the poor people pay for anything so a "step and sniff" inspection will be sufficient. They couldn't understand why the septic tank needed to be pumped in an inspection. These people are in charge of our onsite program!

    Sorry for the rant. I would like any info you could share with me please!
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    Here are 3 PDF's on inspections in CT including the "Minimum" acceptable report form.

    Inspections of Existing Septic Systems:

    Cover Page (pdf)

    Inspection Form (pdf)

    Inspection Form Supplement (pdf)
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