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Thread: Embedding YouTube Videos on DCF

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    Default Embedding YouTube Videos on DCF

    I've been fixing the Embedding on YouTube Videos on the forum for some time now.
    Not a problem and it took me less time to do than explain how to do it...
    But, SewerRat recently sent me a PM asking how to do it as the settings here are different than other forums...
    That I'm not going to change because that would take a while and I'm not a V-Bulletin Ace...
    The settings are a "Brutal Place" to venture....
    So since I'm going to explain how to embed YouTube Videos to SewerRat I might as well explain how to everyone.

    First at YouTube under the video click the "Share" button and get the long link URL copied by right clicking.

    Bring it to your DCF message box and paste it into the message box. Now I can't paste the whole URL here because it will convert to a link and not show fully but here is a portion of the URL with the part you need shown in red:
    Or the link may appear as:
    The appearance of the link depends on how you arrived there whether direct or from another video.

    Delete everything except for the -tsFuu16JXM which is located between the "=" and the "&" or end whichever is appearing.

    Finally Highlight the remainder of the URL, in this case -tsFuu16JXM then click the "YouTube" button in the bottom row of buttons 2nd from the right above the message box.
    This will place YouTube embedding tags [YOUTUBE}-tsFuu16JXM[/YOUTUBE} around the -tsFuu16JXM
    The } is not the correct ending to the embedding tag a ] would be the correct one, but I had to make the tag incorrect so it would appear in the message as proper tags are not seen in posts but only in the editing screen.

    It will then embed the video when you post the message into a thread like this:
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    Now I have to clean all of these itsy bitsy pieces of my brain off of the screen and keyboard........thanks, buddy............

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