We just went to an epoxy domestic lining the other day that failed. The house is not that old either. The failure was on a 3/4 inch copper pipe that had a kink in it. From what the lady told us she had only been in the house a few years. The house was built in the late 80's. She was calling the number on the tag we found at one of the fixtures the house had been relined less than 5 years earlier. To make matters worse this started with a handyman looking for this leak. He tore the house all to hell looking for it under her kitchen. The bad thing about domestic epoxy pipe lining is the contractor hold all the warranty. At least with sanitary lining the manufacture has some liability. I have been lining for a couple of years now and have not had any issues yet. We have been looking into CIPP sense 1997 and have seen bad installs. I would tell anyone to do there homework before laying down there hard earned cash.

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