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Thread: septic question

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    just found this thread. Good stuff!!!

    we've had a lot of success jetting from the D box and rejuvinating the leech.

    We will jet and have the vac truck there to pump as we pull the sludge back into the d box, then we'll "shock" each line with a gallon or 2 of bacteria. (small funnel and cut off length of garden hose into the leech line) if you can get the leech taking some water, you should be able to get it to come back to life.

    The bacteria we use is from Chempace Corp and is GOOD stuff. we did several that weren't taking water this spring, then did our jetter thing and put bacteria to em. Dad checked a couple of them this week for curiosity sake, and they were working to perfection.

    Not a guarantee, but generally we can get things going again and even w/ the expensive liquid bacteria (chempace will private label if for you if you want them to) its still way cheaper than digging.

    Here's a link to the bacteria. It not the end all to pumping, but it works wonder on the black sludge that gets into the lines.

    You just have to explain to the owner that its not a guarantee, but could possibly be a reasonably priced fix to a potentially expensive problem.
    Oh and make sure you clean the 200 foot line out very well too from the tank to the D box.
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    Thanks for all the info.

    I met with the guy the other day. from what he thinks, the drain field is under a large concrete parking lot.

    He talked me into trying to rod the outlet of the tank. I said in an earlier post it's cast iron. It may be for a little ways, but then it's orangeburg and by the feel of the cable, it's in bad shape.

    I'm out on this one.

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    i know its a little late now, but cast iron on the outlet side of a septic tank is again code here in connecticut. it was found that over time, the cast iron corrodes at a quicker pace when exposed to effluent, and then builds up with sludge. just some fyi for anyone who might read this post at a later date

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    We run into that scenario quite often here. The jetter works wonders for that nasty black crap! The best part is you can jet from the outlet baffle way more often than you can get a cable through that way.
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