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Thread: Water Recycling Tankers

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    Default Water Recycling Tankers

    At a time when many organisations are curbing capital expenditure, Lanes is continuing to invest in the most environmentally and technically advanced equipment available, boasting a total of seven specialist recycling, sewer cleaning jet-vacs in our 95-strong tanker fleet. Investing in greener technology

    These Kaiser-Whale units recycle the water they use during jetting operations, maximising time spent working on site and minimising time spent off it taking on supplies of fresh water. That means it‘s time- and cost-efficient — and fuel-efficient too. Thanks to its green credentials, the Kaiser-Whale recycling tanker is increasingly requested by a growing number of Lanes’ customers who aim to use best environmental practices and comply with the commitment element of ISO environmental standards.
    For culverts and large sewers

    These machines are best suited to cleaning culverts and large diameter sewers. Mounted onto Volvo’s FM84R 8 x 4 chassis developing 440 bhp and complete with sleeper cab, the Kaiser-Whale 32-tonne GVW Jet-Vac tankers operate across the country on preventive maintenance and cleaning contracts for water authorities, utility providers and anyone else who would benefit from the Kaiser-Whale’s combination of power and environmental benefits.
    High performance green machines

    Our Kaiser-Whales have a ‘spiral cassette’ loading boom option, equipped with a 12m, 6” suction pipe. Besides providing a 300º rotation, this means the tanker can load up to depths of 8-metres below ground without the need to load additional hoses manually. For jetting, each tanker features a high-pressure water pump assembly and high performance liquid ring pump. The former delivers high flow and pressure performance, with a flow rate of 90gpm up to 200 bars. Located at the rear of the vehicle is a hydraulically operated Whale ‘Mega Reel’ that effectively handles a 180m, 1¼” heavy-duty hose.
    Total drainage maintenance

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    When recycling the water for jetting how is it filtered?

    I imagine it has to be filtered pretty well to prevent pump wear...
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    The Kaiser-Whale uses a single stage filtration system, further reducing weight and reducing maintenance requirements for cleaning of filters. The design of a special wedge-shaped 500 micron stainless steel mesh in a large circular shaped filter drum (approximately 1m²) means that a high volume of water can pass through the filter thanks to the large screen area.

    KAISER ROTOMAX – water recycling system
    Patented KAISER system
    The centrepiece of the ROTOMAX water recycling system is an oscillating rotary filter drum. Built-into the front part of the sludge tank, this one-stage filter system separates solids from sewer water. The filtered water is channelled directly (without settling basin) to the Kaiser pressure transformer for further flushing processes.

    Outstanding efficiency
    Runs to refill up with flushing water are dispensed with, fuel and water consumption reduced. A multi-stage filter system is not needed if the KDU is used. This reduces body weight and reduces cleaning and maintenance outlay.

    In comparison to other sewer cleaning vehicles, KAISER vehicles offer up to 4.5 tons more payload.

    Reliable in the toughest conditions
    The self-cleaning effect of the oscillating rotary filter drumis additionally enhanced by a backwash-flushing system.No other system on the market can match the performance of the KAISER ROTOMAX system with backwash-flushing incontinuous operation in sewers featuring a high grease content and extreme soiling.

    Sparing use of natural resources
    With the water recycling system, 90,000 litres of freshwater are saved given a flushing rate of 300 litres per minute and a flushing period of 5 hours. Waste gas and noise emissions are substantially reduced due to fewer retanking and waste depot runs.

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    Total drainage maintenance

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