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Thread: Hey, Redwood!

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    Default Hey, Redwood!

    We talked about fires the other day and I had to share todays events with you since you used to stomp around Mt. Home. Last night some guy in a pickup pulling a trailer cruised south down Hwy. 51 headed for Nevada and was dragging a safety chain. Lit like 15 brush fires all along 51. Humidity never got over about 35% all night last night and with a stiff 30 mph or so wind someone said one of them was up to 40,000 acres by this morning. At high noon today I barely cast a shadow due to the smoke. Air tankers flew overhead all day from dawn to dark.

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    Hey Kenndal why dont you keep use updated like my flood up date? beleave me it will save you a lot of PM's. I just wish I could share some of my water with you.
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    How far did he get before they stopped him?

    It's funny how most people don't have a clue how dry it is there.
    I remember my first year out there we often went to a spot off in the desert on the west end of the runway out across Hwy 67 (Grandview Rd).

    It was a spot we often went ratting around in trucks & motorcycles, consume beers, shoot our guns, and generally have a good old time...

    Most of my buddies that I was hanging out with were from the northeast area and as the 4th of July approached we went, "Wow! Fireworks are legal here... Let's get some!" Most of us had gone our whole 19 years thinking that all fireworks had to be bootlegged in the trunk from a trip through North Carolina....

    So off we go to our usual spot with some beers and some fireworks...
    We lit off a couple, then to our horror stopped as we realized that every spark that flew out of the end of that firecracker lit a fire.

    So we were running around kicking dirt and stuff and we managed to get all the fires out...
    Man... That was one bad idea....

    I recall a few times the range out at Sailor Creek catching fire a few times from the charges in the practice bombs....
    I saw on the web that they had a fire out there this year as well...

    For you guys wanting to see what is going on you can check here...
    Idaho Fires on Inciweb

    The largest of the fires (Windmill 17,382 acres) surrounding Sewer Rat has been put out...
    The fresh ones are here although they say it was lightening....
    If you click on the fire names it will give the details and a position on the map...
    Sewer Rat is surrounded but fortunately if you look at the Satellite View you will see that most populated areas are surrounded by irrigated fields which in most cases means the fires consume grass, sagebrush, and power poles...
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