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Thread: I miss this...

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    Default I miss this...

    Now let me start off by sayin' this ain't about drain cleaning! I've been laid up for about 2 months now with a pinched nerve in my lower back,and a couple of days ago, I was at the local Wallyworld getting a prescription refilled (Oxycodones baby!). As I was leaving the store, there was a young lady in one of the checkout lines with a young boy (I'm guessin' he was around 5 or 6). The kid started pestering her for a candy bar...
    The young mother said no several times until finally the child began to literally SCREAM at her at the top of his lungs(!) Then the little bugger started trying to hit her(!) The poor woman tried to calm him down by trying to hold his arms to no avail at which point the boy began to SPIT at her!!! The young woman finally gave in to the "fit" and bought the boy the candy bar at which point he abruptly ended his tantrum.

    Now I don't know 'bout any of you guys, but when I was a kid if I tried to pull a stunt like that, my mom would have made sure it was the last time.
    People can say what they want about "Time-outs" and "negotiating" w/kids to get the behavior you want from them, but just a look from my parents was usually enough to curb any "rebellious" attitude in a public place. And I'd bet my bottom dollar that the only lesson that little boy learned that day was: "If I scream and hit and spit enough, I'll get what I want!

    You know it's pretty amazing to look back in time and see the huge differences in society and Americana in general. Seems like alot of people from my generation(I'm 43) have pretty much forgotten just how much has changed in the past 40 years, much less 70...Heck I can remember 3 channels on the TV, rotary dial phones and being able to identify the major components of my buddy's cars when they popped the hood to show off some new parts! (Yep, that's the carb,alternator,coil,power steering,brake booster,distributer,etc.)

    Computers were something you read about in the library when doing research for a school paper on NASA...

    If I wanted to talk to/play with my friends, we made plans at school then we'd ride our bikes 2 to 10 miles to each others houses. We would camp out and play army in the woods and shoot our 22's and daisy BB guns at tin cans(And never at each other 'cause our daddy's would tan our hides!) If we killed something,(say a squirrel or rabbit) we would take it to Grandma's house and she would skin and fry it and we'd eat like kings!

    Our parent's taught us to RESPECT our elders and how to shoot and clean our guns.
    I learned the importance of saying yes sir/ma'am and thank you almost at birth.

    I chopped and carried the wood to fuel the woodstove my Grandma used to make homemade biscuits and cobblers, and was happy to do it! (Lord, I miss her cooking...)
    If I misbehaved at any of my relative's houses, A switch was used to quickly instruct me in the error of my ways, and it was done with patient temperment, not anger...(If you look at your child wrong now, the Gov.will throw you in jail)

    When I was 6 yrs. old I would walk behind my father and pick up the stray tobacco leaves he would occasionally drop when he was helping my Uncle and Grandpa harvest the crops...My reward? An ice-cold pepsi and a slice of watermelon waiting at the barn...
    (If I ask my 14 yr. old nephew to help me carry in a coffee table I've fixed for his mom, he looks at me like I'm crazy and expects a $20.00 bill when we're done!)

    I miss manners.
    I miss family bonds and love.
    I miss neighbors working together to bring communities together and protect and watch out for each other's children.
    I miss being able to raise a family without having the Gov. tell me what I can and can't teach them and how I'm supposed to discipline them.
    I miss Saturday mornings riding in the back of Daddy's old Dodge truck to the General store and getting a $.10 ice cream and a $.20 Pepsi while the local farmers talked shop on the covered porch.
    I miss sittin' on the tailgate of that same truck and watching Old Yellow at the local drive-in while (willingly) sharing a box of popcorn and a coke w/my sister...

    Yes, there were some hard/sad times and it wasn't always a rose garden, but in my neck of the woods, it was a simple,safe and pure life that most people of this day and age will never know. Whenever I see episodes like what happened in that checkout line, it saddens me to see how much our values have eroded. I know that there's still got to be plenty of good people out there, but it seems like more and more people are forgetting how important manners and respect for each other are. Out-of-control kids, violence, profanity and soft-core porn are the norm on most T.V. shows now. Am I just an old fuddy-duddy or does anybody else see this too? Give me your thoughts guys and maybe ya'll can relate some good times/memories from your younger years!
    "I had a cop ask me why I carry a gun and I told him "Thirty years ago I would have jumped into the bush and beat your ass. Twenty years ago I would have just ran away. But now I can't do either. And I am too old to get an ass whooping." ​Drainsmith

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    Damn about being quiet and then when you chime in holy crap!!!!!

    I am on board with you 110%...I am just a few years behind you and I know everything you stated to be factual and accurate.....people today are stupid, they way they raise kids is stupid, and people have no sense of worth or value and teach and breed to go the easy path....I can't possible say anything more to add to what you have stated....

    You can't scare me...I'm a plumber!!!!
    You Can Fire Me...But You Can't Tell Me What To Do.
    I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass....and I'm all out of bubblegum...

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    I remember before we'd go into any store, dad would get down on his knee, look me in the eye and quietly, calmly say keep your hands in your pockets. Do not touch anything. I also remember him giving me my first (several) guns. By this time (about age 7) he and mom had sat me down and explained how dangerous a gun was and how to safely handle one. I remember family camping trips where I'd spend all afternoon shooting stuff with my .22. I got damn good with that gun and I was proud to show dad how good I was shooting it. I remember not even thinking about talking cross to mom. We'd never have to wait for dad to get home. Mom would dole out punishment quick and firm. And boy do I remember my grandmothers cooking! Oh how she could fix a meal. Most dear to my heart was our hunting/camping trips. She and grandpa had an 8' camper, and she'd feed all of us out of that tiny little kitchen 3 or 4 of us at a time. Some trips there'd be 15 of us. You never tasted better pancakes. Years later, after she'd passed I remembered the secret. She'd be saving the bacon grease and adding it to the pancake mix! I don't know why I remembered that but I'm sure glad I did. I remember that grandpa always had a kind easy way about him and just once I saw him angry. And yes it was at me and my cousins. Life was alot simpler. It seemed to be alot safer though too. I'd ride my bicycle around town for literally hours with my friends. It didn't matter if it was raining or sunny, we were having fun.

    So I'm wandering down memory lane here without any direction, but it was a fun trip. I sure do miss those hunting trips. I really miss my grandparents!

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    I'm only 32 but I'm with you all the way. I always say, "Look at George Washington. Ben Franklin. Abe Lincoln. Look at Thomas Jefferson. Every one of those guys had their hides tanned time and again growing up cause that's the way it needed to be done, and did it hurt them? No sirree, they are the fathers that had the wisdom, vision, confidence, and grit to found our great nation and get it going successfully."

    Having said that, do you think that the little boy you saw today will have what it takes to move nations, influence mankind, or even mow grass or pull weeds? Not very likely. And if modern kids (and adults for that matter) can't learn respect for others and responsibility for their actions who'll be left to run the country in 40 years? The Chinese army maybe, who knows?

    Your story reminds me of one that I know from someone who is a friend. It's a little watered down but I'll tell it here.
    My friend's first cousin in Saskatchewan was standing in line in a grocery store behind a woman with a little boy in the cart. While standing behind them in line, the little boy started to kick this woman in the leg. She was pinned in with customers from behind and couldn't back up. The kicks kept going and were getting harder and harder and were really starting to hurt. She endured it as long as she could and finally she turned to the mother of the boy and said, "Please, can you ask your son to stop kicking me? It's hurting me."

    At this, the mother answered, "No, my husband and I want our son to grow up to be an individual, so we have decided not to ever stand in his way. I'm sorry."

    There was an older gentleman in line just behind the woman who was enduring the kicking. He looked at the mother of the unruly kid, smiled, and said, "You know, I have to agree with you. Let them have their way, it's really the best. That's the way I was raised too, my parents never stood in my way." While he was telling her this, he reached in his cart, grabbed a carton of yogurt, opened it, and proceeded to turn it upside down and pour the contents over her stubborn head.

    Whenever I think about this story, I like to imagine that when she got home, she looked at the little boy's father and said, "Ya know, honey, I been doin' a little thinkin' about our child rearing ideas, and I'm sorta starting to wonder if there aren't a few flaws in our plan. . ."

    Thanks for speaking up, 77TA.

    "Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as a joke." Will Rogers

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    I don't know what the parents today are thinking...

    My kids had plenty of love and got to do many things with great freedoms...

    They went through their whole lives with but 1 or 2 good azz whumpin spankings from dad....
    All that meant was that he could and would if they deserved it...
    From that day forward all it took was that "Your cruising for a bruising look" and whatever they were doing stopped instantly...

    They made it just fine....
    "99% of Being Smart...
    Is Knowing What You're Dumb At"

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    I read these post twice, and got choked up. I normaly have my wife read the funny post, but befor I added my 2 cents I had her read this post. She is now crying as I type. You all have found the right track. When my girls were in thier teen age years my favorite saying was "I'm going to drop kick your butt up past your bra strap" never had to, but they knew it was a good possability. I was never prouder of my girls than when we were out eating and someone would come over and remark on how well behaved my kids were. It wasn't all ways easy, but I have raised productive members of society and don't have to go to the local prison to visit them. When they were growing up being girls they would use emotion to try and hurt you like "your rules are stupid" my answer "you will be as stupid as me when you have your own kids". Then it would come the big "I HATE YOU" my answer was "good I don't want you to love me untill your 25.......but I love you any get the hell out of my face" I think I knew that I did good when my oldest (about 17) sat down next to me one evening, and after just sitting there for a while she just blurted out "I love you daddy" I thought o no what does she want or what did she do? because I was usally called dad or pops but I said "Well I love you too" Then she said "No I realy love you. You know every time I got punished I deserved it". She then got up gave me a kiss on the forehead and left. At that point I wanted to stand up, beat my chest and scream to the top of my lungs "she finally got it". The others took a littel longer, but now I get calls all day long from them wanting "just to talk".
    My dad and I had a falling out when I was 17 and I left the house for good. I gave my mom a kiss and said that I had to go, and she agreed. We didn't talk for three years. It was the biggest waste of three years in my entire life. I have now come to realize that 3 min with him now will be worth hours standing at his grave regeting the past. So now I have learned to make the time for my folks. I just wish I had been as smart as my daughter. I think I am going to print this post and send it to my folks.
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    i'm 24, but I'm on board w/ you fully. I think growing up i was allowed 1 hr of tv a week. We went outside and played all day. Little sister got almost a free ride thru college for hoops because of it. No Playstation or anything.

    We weedeated, mowed lawn, weeded the garden and did all kinds of things like that when we were kids. And NEVER thru a fit at the store because i think i did it once and mom put the fear of God in me REAL quick.

    Parents today take the easy way out. Its sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeBowhunter View Post
    i'm 24, but I'm on board w/ you fully. I think growing up i was allowed 1 hr of tv a week. We went outside and played all day. Little sister got almost a free ride thru college for hoops because of it. No Playstation or anything.

    We weedeated, mowed lawn, weeded the garden and did all kinds of things like that when we were kids. And NEVER thru a fit at the store because i think i did it once and mom put the fear of God in me REAL quick.

    Parents today take the easy way out. Its sad.
    Spare the rod, spoil the child!!!!
    I got more than my fair share of ass whuppins back in the day.
    What really going on these days, is that parents are NOT allowed to discipline their kids. (research Supreme Court rulings on Google)
    Kids, therefore, have zero respect for elders.
    And, not for themselves either.
    He who dies with the most toys Is still dead.

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    Wow This is a great thread I don't even know where to begin to respond to it but I know I have to put in my 2 cents worth, but I will say this I agree with all of you.
    When I was growing up I hated my Father or at least feared him. The words I dreaded the most is "wait till your Father gets home". Even though my Father was crippled by Rheumatoid Arthritis in every joint in his body he was still quite capable of being quite a disciplinarian. when I was growing up I always thought he was a mean and angry man. It wasn't till a few years ago that I finally realized that is anger at the world were triggered by his sickness and and the treatment of his disease. He was taking steroids (cortisone) daily for his R/A which now is known to be a mood alternating drug. On top of all that he was also a very heavy drinker and ate aspirin like it was candy to sooth his pain which is what I believe is what finally killed him. The aspirin were eating up his stomach and intestinal track and eventually killed him in 1977. He was taking at least 5 to 6 aspirin 4 to 5 times a day. I am getting a little off track here but I just wanted to let you know that today I now understand why my Father was the way he was and that I do not blame him for any of his behavior when I was growing up. I never knew him when he was a healthy man but speaking with his friends and family members I now know that he was not always like that. According to them he was a strong, gentle, and great man until God decided to put this disease in him for reasons I do not understand unless it was to keep me and my brother out of jail. I now know that everything my Father did he did because he loved us. Let me make it clear that my father was strict and a disciplinarian but he was in no way abusive. Our buttocks were reddened many times by him but he never hit us any where else but there, although he did manage to use various weapons to redden those cheeks. Let us just say that wooden slat fence we had in the back yard didn't have many slats left in it when I left home at 18 and his leather belt wasn't just used to hold his pants up. He was strict but he was fair. I never got a spanking that I didn't deserve. I know I am making it sound like he was a terrible Father but that is not the case. He disciplined us when he felt we needed it and rewarded us when we did good. He would take us camping, fishing and hunting whenever he felt good enough to do so. I now realize that he was a great Father and I tell him everyday in my prayers. My only regret is that he did not live long enough for my stupid ass to realize all he did for me was for my own good and that I Love him for it. He kept me and my brother and sisters out of jail and let us grow up to be respected members of our society. I still hate my Father for one reason though, that reason being I wish he would have used more of that fence on my butt when ever he would catch me smoking. My Father thought us to have a conscience,respect for others and the law, honesty and integrity.
    With that being said, I feel that kids need discipline when they are being bad and rewarded when being good. I don't believe in being abusive but I don't believe spanking a child on the butt is abusive. I don't believe in calling kids stupid or idiots but I believe they need to know when they are being stupid or idiotic. I believe kids these days have no respect for others all they care about is themselves and that is not their fault it is the way they were raised. Parents have to learn that it is o k to be a mom and a dad but sometimes you have to be a Mother and Father. When I was a kid if I told an adult to F*** off, a slat would come off the wooden fence and wouldn't be able to sit down for a couple days,now they are taken out for a happy meal and a movie. If I would throw a tantrum in the store my mother would buy me what I wanted but when we got home i got the "wait till your Father gets home" line and when he would get home the fence would be one slat less and I would have to work in the yard or bring wood in until he felt I had earned that coke or whatever it was I threw a tantrum about. It didn't take me long to learn that when mom said no to me in the store then it was no. Working in the yard or a garden or shoveling snow is a great form of didipline.These days the kids get told to go to their room with their cell phones, computers and high definition tvs with 1000 channels and to stay their till the dad gets home and when the dad gets home he tells them don't do that anymore and off they go to the baseball game. It is good to see that all of you feel the same way i do about this and I agree this should be the thread of the year. thanks for letting me vent and in closing I want to say one thing to my dad who I am sure is watching me type this. Thank You Dad and I Love you.
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    I here ya,
    When I was a youngster my mom would warn me once. And If I did it again that women was like the flash.” All I saw was a flash” and then a very sore spot some ware. A hand, a pan, even a cooking utensil.
    By the time I was 14 I had 50 pounds on her and she couldn’t scare me anymore. So she called her brothers” my uncles” when it was there turn to put the fear of god in me.
    By age 16 I was bigger than them. I can remember spouting off to my uncle Dave and his brother uncle mark , he knew he couldn’t take me one on one. But I didn’t. I saw both of them coming out of the corner of my eye and dropped Dave on his ass on his ass like nothing and uncle Mark stopped in his tracks , At that point I sat and thought what the fuck am I doing. He is my uncle and this isn’t right. I also realized I wasn’t a kid anymore I was a full grown man

    A bought a day or two after this my uncle Dave came over to talk he told me that I scared the living shit out of him and he saw it in my eyes that what I did was wrong. Ever since then I have always tried to treat everybody as well as I want to be treated. Or until it’s not time to be mister nice guy

    I do believe in time outs, but sometimes a child needs a tap on the ass to at least get their attention.
    My little guy is 2 ˝. And is responding very well to time outs. i have never spanked him and hope not to.
    But not all children are the same ?
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