I've pissed in a few of them. Local supplier here has one installed in the customer bathroom. It's a Kohler. Kohler probably gave it to them to show all of us how great they are and that they really don't smell terrible. The thing I've never liked about them(even in theory) is what Nayman said. That is, most of the time no one is willing to maintain them! They are commercial installs. How many restaurant or gas station bathrooms have you been in that were enough to make you want to **it outside? A regular flushing urinal builds up "salt" in the line quick enough. Now, take away the flow of water... Some of this might be because I grew up with my parents owning a bar. Guess who got to clean the bathrooms? Oh no, don't want to imagine a waterless urinal. Regular one was bad enough. Vote number 3 for Sizzle. I always wear a respirator and goggles when using chemicals/acids. I don't care who laughs or has a comment. You breathe that stuff in for 15 minutes.. Going green? he he he..