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Thread: Is Drano or Liquid Plumber Considered "Green" these days?

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    Default Is Drano or Liquid Plumber Considered "Green" these days?

    I know many chemical companies have switched to "green" labels, meaning many of the inner ingredients are made from "eco friendly stuff"

    Does Drano or Liquid Plumber Offer that?

    Feedback welcome

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    Neither of those are by any stretch of the imagination "green". That's not to say they won't offer something that could be marketed in that way. If there's a certification or standard that they can buy, I'm sure they'll spend the $$ to put a little leaf on their bottles.

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    The only thing "green" about drainO or liquid plumber is all the money they make off the suckers that buy those products.
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    What is green about dumping Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, HYPOCHLOROUS ACID and whatever other concoctions they decide to mix up down the drain?
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