View Full Version : What's the best way to get started?

06-06-2011, 10:19 PM
Cuda and other trenchless guys out there: What is the best way to start offering trenchless? I am sure with time we will see a demand for it, and I also think that once a company has the equipment you will start to see more uses for it, bu at this point I have not had much call for it. I know my main competitor does quite a bit of pipe bursting, although sometimes it is in some very questionable situations IMO. Eventually I would be interested in setting up to do pipe bursting. How do you go about it? I'm thinking maybe I should wait until I have a job that really calls for it and get a bursting outfit then. I only do 4" sewers and septic lines, could a guy start bursting with just the head and a cable hooked to a backhoe bucket (and a fusion machine of course) in 4", or is more pulling power needed?

Also, how do you set the price point? Do you figure the cost of the sewer replacement, landscape and hardscape repair, etc., and set your price at that level, or do you try to come in under the total install and repair costs of open-cut? I'm thinking that maybe on the right job you could about cover a third to half the cost of a 30 ton rig on the first job. Is that stretching it?

Like I said, with no more demand than we have right now, there's no way we could afford the overhead of buying a bursting rig in hopes of finding work for it, but surely there is a smart way and time to make the move into trenchless.

06-08-2011, 10:27 AM
I will PM you the next time I see a good used burster 4 sale. usually the burster without a hydraulic power source are around 10k-15k. You can run them off excavators or use a dedicated power source. As for price usually it is a per foot thing. But hardscape can up the price to being more than a open cut job like a driveway etc. In some cases the burster is the only tool for the job. Remember it's not just sewer lines it could be a 2" cast iron pipe running under a office floor or concrete downspouts or ? The pipe genie is probably the cheapest unit out there right now in a used machine. You should be able to find a 5k job to set up then buy a 12k machine. Once you have it the jobs will come from plumbers and excavation guys that know you have the machine.