View Full Version : Drain Cleaning Nightmares

  1. Can you take one last call before you go home?
  2. Did you ever get this phone call ?
  3. Its not that bad.....Is it?
  4. Another video American Plumber
  5. Why DIY how to do Videos are bad.
  6. Kinnetic Water Ram
  7. What is the worst drain cleaning mess you have ever seen?
  8. Whats there ever a cleanout plug that you couldn't remove?
  9. Diy
  10. What happened???
  11. This is going to be fun
  12. Rookie Mistake!
  13. It is time to dig?
  14. Cut my teeth on sewer rodding
  15. what the duce?
  16. yesterday's nightmare
  17. What's the craziest object you have retrieved from a drain line?
  18. K-7500 breaks a 3" sch40 fitting
  19. The places I go
  20. Nasty!!!
  21. beer pong gone wrong
  22. my worst soft stoppage
  23. bad tub traps
  24. man vs wipes
  25. Another dead end job
  26. Acid in line
  27. I caused a city sewer back up?!
  28. mortar and pipes dont mix