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  1. Working for a Rooter Company
  2. Who uses boot covers?
  3. Senile old men
  4. How did you get into drain cleaning???
  5. Spring is coming
  6. This forum is growing
  7. Guess I am the only one
  8. Open Reels
  9. Dye Tracers What do you use?
  10. Testing 123
  11. Bum week
  12. Anyone else slow this week??
  13. What kind of Kritters have you pulled out of lines?
  14. A Drain Cleaners Rite of Passage...
  15. Do customers only hear price and not listen to what's really needed?
  16. Best cleaner for dirty hands??
  17. Employed or Self-employed
  18. Our first 100 threads
  19. Don't you hate it when....
  20. Sewer pipe in the Bomb shelter
  21. Charging Extra for Draino and acids
  22. Stretching in the office chair Dangerous!!
  23. Rain rain and NO clogged Drains
  24. Making money with just a hammer and pipe wrench today
  25. DIY Handyman work. Why is it backed up so soon?
  26. Flushing paper towels
  27. What is the strangest thing you ever pulled out of a pipe?
  28. DCF Hits 200 threads and 1,500 posts
  29. Ever get called by another drain CO. for help?
  30. Are you superstitious??
  31. Showing customers how roots infiltrate clay pipe
  32. Get to work you Bums lol
  33. What time of day do you get most of you calls?
  34. White carpet
  35. Funny Video
  36. Grease Basins
  37. Price Shock fixed by Education!
  38. Tell your forum friends about DCF. It's all drain talk
  39. What's this weeks plans? Anything good?
  40. Do you dig up septic tank lids??
  41. How many of you got your start at one of the large rooter companies or, franchises?
  42. How Long Will You Try To Spend On A Root Filled Main Line?
  43. Flush bags your thoughts
  44. What's on your next equipment purchase wish list?
  45. Bad toilets what do you do?
  46. Monday
  47. What types of drains do you do most?
  48. What's your Busiest day of the week?
  49. Tribute
  50. What brand is your service Vehicle?
  51. What seems to be the most common sewer blockage you get?
  52. Sunday night the CEO of Roto Roter will be on under cover boss. I canít wait to see h
  53. Slow in here past couple of day's
  54. No shut out this week!
  55. Any of you turd herders work today?
  56. Glad to be here
  57. Busy day today
  58. Long Distance Call
  59. Another Busy Day
  60. April's onsite installer magazine is out. Free online read
  61. April's Cleaner magazine is out " It's for us Drain guy's
  62. I just had a pretty cool candy bar!
  63. Can we...
  64. Did I jinx myself
  65. OK it's to slow today I have to blame someone
  66. Job from last year.
  67. Strange call
  68. Possible craiglook scam
  69. P.R.S Professional Retail Services
  70. Any Jobs booked for tomorrow?
  71. Quiet here Tonight
  72. Cat pee smell
  73. The old $49.95 Pop a Trap Special
  74. Tuesday Wuz Slow
  75. Orderd gloves today from Drain cables direct
  76. I was a $50.00 Hack today
  77. This month Sux
  78. News man snakes drain
  79. Aghhhhh
  80. How long do people in your area put off calling before they call you?
  81. Boots
  82. Yes....Root growth picking up
  83. Any jobs lined up for this week?
  84. Not so good tenants
  85. Any Hobbies other than work??
  86. Today I decided to be RICH!
  87. May's Cleaner magazine is out free online read. For drain cleaners
  88. Now $49.95 is getting under cut lol
  89. Broken Cable
  90. Tried something out this past week
  91. Plumbing company closing
  92. When customers call
  93. Ok I'm not as angry because someone else won my millions
  94. General's I95
  95. No shut out! Saved by my very first customer
  96. What's your favorite season to work?
  97. I forgot to post what I saw yesterday
  98. How's everyones week starting??
  99. Have you ever had a competitor stop at a job you are at and start trashing you ?
  100. Know it All Neighbour from hell
  101. Tied last years number
  102. At Least It's Melting Fast
  103. 1st attempt at website
  104. How do I
  105. How mexico views illegal immigration
  106. Looking for a Person Jock Ward
  107. What's your biggest customer base?
  108. BIG mistake
  109. What's the first tools you bring into a customers home?
  110. 63 degrees and snowing Only in New England!
  111. My Easycam got a real test today
  112. Gulf Coast Oil Spill 2010
  113. When you think we have it tough.....
  114. Verizon super guarantee program
  115. How's everyone's week starting?
  116. Blocksaway is UK time a day ahead of U.S ?
  117. price shopper monday
  118. What's your worst month total number of service calls
  119. When you started up. How did you get customers?
  120. May's issue of pumper magazine is out
  121. this is going to be a good one
  122. Different area's different rates
  123. Week End Plans? Mothers day Plans?
  124. Jamie Oliver TV Chef - uk
  125. Merry Christmas!!!!!
  126. Cart jetter
  127. Have you ever fired a helper?
  128. Well that sucks
  129. Burrrrr It's cold out
  130. How's everyones week starting?
  131. OMG! Dam sales spam calls are insane today
  132. OK we do drain cleaning Anyone into air duct cleaning?
  133. What time do you start your work day?
  134. This is sad
  135. This Little Guy Stole 2 Hours of My Life
  136. Bleeding down a sewer drain
  137. Wow LMAO
  138. Quiet friday here everyone must be working
  139. Taking care of your most Important equipment "YOU"
  140. How's Your May going?
  141. Only if it had a lift gate
  142. Finally a busy day in May
  143. Just pulled another 12 hour workday.
  144. Lineing Orangburg ??
  145. June E-Cleaner Magazine is out
  146. Drain cleaning rates according to cost owl
  147. Todays Sewer Repair
  148. Slammed yesterday worked till 1am
  149. Coal Tar Impregnated Wood Fibre Pipe
  150. Hmmm. What to grill this weekend?
  151. Any weekend plans??
  152. About time Used the DM-138 today
  153. Pooped! even before the day started.
  154. Did Rocksteady break my DM-138 curse?
  155. An embarrassing record was broken today
  156. Memorial Day Weekend Plans
  157. During Memorial day weekend remember those who gave all
  158. Did everyone have a good Memorial day weekend?
  159. Quebec forest fires
  160. June starting off good
  161. My poor wrist
  162. Giant Sink Hole
  163. It's been Camera-palooza lately
  164. Customer was not happy with the price
  165. Odd Cell phone related
  166. My 12 year old daughters marketing idea
  167. 13....13......13
  168. Let's see how many sewer blockages I get this week
  169. Well, Looks like no luck from all that rain
  170. P.U. I can't get the smell out of my nose
  171. Wow it's cold out today!
  172. Someone on here called and wished me Happy B-Day
  173. Welfare Cell phones
  174. Times are changing
  175. Animal emotions
  176. Well the old car finally gave up the ghost!
  177. The one that got away
  178. Drain Cleaning work on trailers are no fun
  179. RE: Drain Cleaning Forum Closing.......Possibly........
  180. You know Your A Drain-O-Holic When.........
  181. RE. The one that got away "Truck That is"
  182. Looks like the busy season is starting
  183. What would you bring?
  184. 4th of July Plans?
  185. Not a fan of Pizza Hut, But!
  186. DCF hits 100 members
  187. unclogNH. You pranking me
  188. shower has a sewer smell
  189. Going deep sea fishing next week
  190. You may need to up-load your pictures
  191. Don't you just love working on Sunday?
  192. Sundays nature walk
  193. First easycam photos
  194. Just pull the cork!
  195. Google Tisp. WTF
  196. Beware of your pet dog!!
  197. Fishing trip pictures
  198. 4th of July Plans
  199. A plumber did this!
  200. Happy 4th of July everyone
  201. Did anyone work on the 4th?
  202. Wow it's muggy out.
  203. Did the heat kill all my customers
  204. Trophy roots of the month
  205. Rude price shopper
  206. Sewer Clog Gorham NH,
  207. The Heat finally lifted for a day
  208. Free Buffett and friends show to benefit the gulf coast
  209. Ya gotta love big rainy days
  210. Tuff one last night
  211. Hey Guys!
  212. Finally a call
  213. Bullies
  214. Employed and self employed
  215. Can you tell us how over the phone?
  216. And you guy's wonder why I don't dig
  217. Our official drink of summer 2010
  218. Check out the Nissan cargo van
  219. What drain calls do you get the least?
  220. Who said things were getting better?
  221. Local farmers market
  222. Need new forum pic's
  223. Had a Bad day!
  224. Friday the 13th
  225. Morning coffee
  226. On Friday the 13th
  227. Tomato plants best year ever
  228. Blocked pumped main
  229. Come On just can't win
  230. We love these things!
  231. Makes me sick!
  232. Ever get hurt on the job? Drain cleaning war stories
  233. When it rains it pours.
  234. Thank goodness
  235. Kitchen Sink Stoppage in cape Girrdeau Mo.
  236. Ok, Here we go :)
  237. So they think I'm over priced lol
  238. We're famous!!!
  239. How was everyone's Labor Day weekend?
  240. The leaves are starting to change
  241. My Avatar
  242. Happy Birthday
  243. I gotz a new van!!
  244. found in sewer
  245. Life is to short, What a weekend :(
  246. They grow up quick
  247. Drain cleaning uniforms?
  248. keeping the smell down
  249. I go away for two day's and all DIY hell breaks loose
  250. Chevy Express ABS light anyone?